Rodríguez - López Laboratory


Research in the JRL group

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We are always interested in graduate students that are enthusiastic about electrochemistry, analysis, and energy materials. Please contact us regarding new postdoctoral opportunities in energy storage, as of June 2020 we are hiring!

Our group research focuses on characterizing heterogeneous electrode materials for elucidating their function and generating new strategies to advance electrochemical energy technologies and sensing. Our objective is to pioneer powerful methods of analysis at the nano- and micro-scale for understanding how electrode structure, shape and size, as well as the formation of chemical intermediates, impact the performance of materials and interfaces for batteries, electrocatalysts, and photoelectrocatalysts. The Rodriguez-Lopez group combines interests in analytical and materials chemistry.

Below you will find a description of our ongoing research projects as well as suggested readings from our publications page.

Our group provides an exciting and motivating environment for scientific discovery and collaboration, both within researchers in the group and beyond. A strong emphasis will be placed in advising graduate students to think creatively, implement their ideas experimentally, and make use of computational modeling to test such ideas and independently generate more advanced ones.

See our group highlight in "Words of Wisdom", published in Chemical and Engineering News: